Aug 21


If he has to be honest, Jonghyun wants to say that he is an ultimate YG stan. However, his status of a SMent artist prevents him from doing so. It’s not like there is written rule about that. It’s just kind of ‘not right’ to publicly show his fondness over the rival company.

But sometimes Jonghyun simply fails to keep his fanboy side inside and spills it on his radio show. It’s not like he has done an amazing job on keeping it down before. If one can remember, he handed Lee Hi a flower on her encore stage and on the next stage with her, he shamelessly requested his band members to ‘play’ with her too in their waiting room. It was fortunate that the others were agreed to that. But still, he was the one that was the most excited, throwing confetti to Hi and cleaned it up for her when it got caught on her hair. Latter the others joined her encore stage too, to cover him up.

And if one wants to go through the time when G-dragon released his Coup D’Etat album and he just tweeted about one of the songs in the album. Basically, he likes many songs in the album - and admires G-dragon’s ability on making music - but he picks the one that’s so popular that everyone would think it’s normal if he reacts that way because the song is good. Suzy-ssi likes it too! is his main excuse.

Later when Taeyang released Eyes, Nose, Lips, once again, he couldn’t help but tweeted a screencap of ENL playing on his phone. The song is too good, he exclaims. He also listens up to the covers done by Akdong Musician, Tablo, and Lydia which of course he didn’t expose.

Speaking of Tablo, Jonghyun really looks up to him when it comes to lyric writing. He is so eager to learn from him if he has the opportunity. That’s why he was freaked out to know Tablo’s radio show is right before his. This way he can greet him and get close to him. This time, Jonghyun is glad that he didn’t have to do it on his own as Tablo uploaded their picture on his instagram. And oh, he practically squealed like a high school girl when he met Haru for the first time. In his opinion, Haru is the cutest baby girl ever, which is obviously biased.

At the recent time, WINNER is the next act from YG to make a debut scene in music industry. If anyone ever puts a hidden camera in Jonghyun’s room, everyone will get to know how he follows W.I.N program and WINNER TV and Show Me The Money just because he is as excited as any YG fan out there at the prospect of YG upcoming boy group. When WINNER’s album is out, he immediately listen to the songs and is amazed to know that they can make such good songs at their young age. This fact didn’t miss its chance to go public as Jonghyun’s radio guest talk about WINNER with him.

Lady luck must be by his side when he finds out that WINNER is recording their debut stage on Inkigayo.

"Hyung, they’re so amazing" Jonghyun says as he scans through the signed album.


"Kang Seung Yoon wrote Color Ring and you know that Bobby and B.I kids I talked to you last time? They’re the ones behind WINNER’s title track!"


"I can’t believe I met them this soon!"

"Jonghyun, if you like them that much, what about you go out and cheer them along with their fans?" sarcasm dripping through Jinki’s words as he’s tired with Jonghyun’s fanboy side.

"I wish so but you know I can’t!"

Jinki sighs when Jonghyun doesn’t get what he actually means.

"You know what, I think I’m going to have another selca with Haru. Tablo hyung and I kind of made a bet if I can write a better Pretty Boy lyric. You know, I practically write the counterpart of 2NE1’s Pretty Boy lyric. I’m sure he’s going to praise me."


"But but the most exciting part is I’m going to invite Taeyang-ssi to guest on my radio. Please pray for me he’s going to say yes."


"Do you think WINNER will agree to come if I invite them too?"


That day, Jinki learns that when Jonghyun has gone into fanboy mode, nothing’s going to stop him so he better agreeing to whatever he’s saying just to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Aug 18


From: Ari-chan
Oppa, I got tickets to SHINee arena tour! I’m coming!!

To: Ari-chan
Meet me backstage! You’ll cheer for me right?!

From: Ari-chan
I can go to the backstage?!!! Oppa can I ask Taemin oppa to sign my Ace album?!!

Key puts his phone back to its place. He is too upset to type a reply. He has been wondering if Ari will have free time to attend SHINee’s next arena tour for some time. He’ll be grateful if Ari can come and cheer for him. Yet Ari really likes Taemin. Probably more than him.

When his phone vibrates once again. He wishes he can ignore it but he can’t. What if it’s some important message from his friends?

It’s Ari-chan.

He hesitates before checking the content.

From: Ari-chan
Is this enough?

Along with the message attached a picture of led board with a message ‘Oppa, Ari is here’ with some cute emoticons.

Key smiles and types a reply

To: Ari-chan
Come to the backstage, I’ll get you SHINee’s autographs.

Aug 13

The Bet

Jonghyun was making his way to the new office when he saw the door of Tablo’s room.

He stopped.

He hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door. Three times. Hoping Tablo would answer the door and spare some time to talk to him. Tablo must had done with his radio show around this time.

"Oh, Jonghyun-ssi"

"Hyung~" Jonghyun flashed his cutest smile ever. Tablo was one of the talented hyungs on his should-befriended list. They soon engrossed in their light convo when Tablo’s manager approached them and reminded the older that he had to leave soon.

"Tight schedule?" Jonghyun asked.

"No, the company wants the new album to be finished very soon so I’ve been spending nights on studio lately"

"Ah, recently I received a song to pen. They want me to hand them the lyric soon. People can be very demanding sometimes. I always think if they know how hard it is to find inspiration to write. But, no matter how well I write it, I can’t make one as brilliantly as yours."

Tablo shook the compliment off and asked, “is that for SHINee’s new album?”

"No, it’s for Taemin’s solo. Do you know Taemin? He’s the maknae."

"I do, he’s so pretty for a boy. He dances very well."

"I know right! That’s why I titled the song as Pretty Boy. Suit him well."

"Pretty Boy? 2NE1 has the same title song. It has a very good lyric."

"I’m sure my Pretty Boy is better!"

"Let’s bet on it then. If yours’ better, I’ll play your songs on my radio. If not, play some Epik High songs."

"No no, if mine’s better, can I take another selca with Haru instead?"

sorry, random drabble, hehehe